08 July 2010

10 tips to be happy

1.Don’t worry.
Worry is the least productive of all human activities and thoughts.
2.Don’t let needless fears preoccupy your life.
Most of things we fear never happen!!!
3.Don’t hold grudges.
That is one of the biggest and most unnecessary weights we carry through our lives.
4.Take on one problem at a time.
It’s the only way to handle things anyway; one by one.
5.Don’t take your problems to bed with you.
They are bad and unhealthy companions for good natural sleep and rest.

6.Don’t take on the problems of other people.
They are better equipped to handle their own problems than you are.

7.Don’t live in the past.
It will always be there in your memories to enjoy but don’t cling to it.
concentrate on what is happening right now in your life and you will be happy
in the present and not just the past.

8.Be a good listener.
It is only when one listens that one gets and learns ideas different from ones own.

9.Do not let frustration ruin and rule your life.
Self pity more than anything interferes with positive actions with moving forward
in our lives.

10.Count your blessings.
Don’t even forget the smallest blessings as many small blessings add up to large ones.
Took from Chubby girl / Ng SHIYA 's blog heheheh, doubt she know i got blog (Y).
Well stay happy people, no point being upset yeah :>

04 June 2010

Take her to the end.

{ busy week and I had no time to update.
Cant really take my time off to post.
Just ended OFA exam today.
Almost got screwed up by it, but managed to get it back !
Well done . hopefully its an A :>
After OFA , bus-ed down to find silly Nasi Lemak aka Ginny Lee
Help her make damn prepaid card ! LOL
Okay after that, like a lifeless ghost walking around bedok.
If a train can bring people travelling in life
How I wished i would have one train to lead the path and
travel to the end of the path smoothly.
Soccer is a passion , being unable to play and watching team mate play
Im feeling useless although I know it will disturb the flow of the game.
but Im really eager to play , Im sorry if i still cant get over it.
But I will be on form for any game. I promised .

24 May 2010

Fresh new week

Well after a week of aching workout
My hamstring and kneecap is injured but hopefully it will recover
Well NAPFA was over but not really good for the 5stations
We can retake them in S&W ! so GOLD is still mine !
Gonna have CAs soon and I must start studying !
Last Sat , MWS cup was epic .
played super well, although I never score any goals
but i got bloody lot of chances to score !
playing with the defenders and tricking them is fun
Deadly striker ;D
credit to Fernando Torres's motivation . laughs
Alrights ! I now have to improve the skills and everything
God Bless.

18 May 2010

I got over you

The Legend Fernando Torres
Start of the hectic week.
School was as stressful as usual
later on , there will be NAPFA test
hopefully its another gold again
As a player , getting gold is important.
Shows your fitness level is at what kind of standard.
God Bless !
Hey , one after another , now new one..
who ? no.. What am i to you ?
Just air ? or toy ?
Well sms you no reply nvm .
Why are you doing this to me ?
Don't i worth a penny of your love ?
Sorry but I still love you.
P.s I dont need a parachute , baby i got you.

16 May 2010

We'll be a dream

Back from a stormy match of soccer
postponed due to thunder storm -_-
damn it, it was my chance to start scoring
but FAILED , first half ended witha score 2-1
but match postponed and score back to 0-0
Well done , koko scored the goal for CMC !
Laughs great goal but not counted !
No worrys , next time I will join you in the score sheet !
Things to note for the whole of next week
1. NAFA on Wednesday
2. Meet Parents Session on Thursday
3. MWS Cup 2010 on Sat from MORNING !
Big and busy week coming !
Adrian Gambateh !